Important Information

General Information of Importance

Passport, visa and insurance

Customs clearance is effective at your point of entry into South Africa.  Only a valid passport is required.  All firearms and ammunitions must be declared.

Firearm legislation

South Africa has imposed new stringent firearm legislation.  No semi-automatic firearms, handguns for self-defense or more than one firearm of the same caliber may be imported.  To bring firearms into the country you must be older than 21 and provide proof of ownership from your country of origin.  There will be an agent to assist you with the clearance of your rifles on your arrival at the airport.  A pre-clearance certificate can be arranged if we are in possession of all the necessary documents prior to your arrival.

Hunting license and permits

Certain species require special licenses and or permits, in particular CITES permits.  We will assist you in obtaining these once your safari is booked.  Without the necessary permits your trophies cannot be exported.  License fees are payable in advance for any of the big five as well as some of plains game – see Terms and Conditions.


Light weight clothing for hunting and something warm for the early mornings and cool evenings during winter will be needed.  Bring one down or heavy jacket.  Well worn, soft and comfortable hunting shoes.  A hat, sunscreen and sun glasses are essential.


South Africa is semi dry country with a generally mild climate during winter.  Average summer temperatures across South Africa (October – March) range from 15˚C (59˚F) to 36˚C (97˚F) at midday.  Temperature exceeding 40˚C (140˚F) are not uncommon.  Average winter temperatures range from 0˚C (32˚F) to 15˚C (59˚F) at midday.
Hunting is preferable during the winter season as it is cooler and the weather more pleasant.  During the dry season game is easier to spot.

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